Orthodontic is to make the tooth move reasonably, so will this cause tooth loosening?


Orthodontic orthodontics is designed to move irregular teeth slowly according to the treatment plan through external reinforcement. .

Stop there! Many people read this and wonder: since the teeth are moved by external forces, will orthodontics cause the teeth to loosen?

And the loosening of orthodontics is the physical loosening within the safe range, and will not cause harm to our teeth, which is normal. After a period of maintenance, the alveolar bone around the tooth is rebuilt, and the tooth will become as strong as before.

In fact, after dental surgery, the teeth are lined up, which is beneficial to oral cleaning and can assist in the treatment of periodontal disease. In this sense, dental plastic surgery can prevent loosening of teeth after aging.


So, many people in the process of orthodontic, feel the teeth loose, even after orthodontic, can no longer be happy to chew corn, bite apple, teeth will fall early, and why?

1, root, and dental pulp

First of all, during the orthodontic process, our teeth are slowly displaced in the alveolar bone by external forces. So, for the first few days after each visit, you will definitely feel some weakness, soreness, and maybe some movement in some individual teeth. Mild pulpitis occurs. But as the teeth slowly move into place, over a period of three or five days or a week, these phenomena disappear. The pulpitis will heal itself as the tooth position consolidates. However, if the dentist does not apply proper force during this process, it will increase the risk of root resorption, resulting in excessive root resorption and increasing the possibility of tooth loosening. Therefore, we must follow the doctor's schedule, carefully return to the doctor, the doctor can grasp the process of your teeth and orthodontic rhythm.

2, gum

The stability of our teeth is partly determined by the length of the root and partly by the strength of the gum, the depth of the root.

To put it metaphorically, a tooth is like a plant, and the gum is the soil on which it lives. More often than not, our teeth fall out because the gums can't wrap around them.


In the process of orthodontic, orthodontic force itself will not cause gum damage and changes. However, due to wearing braces, we tend to have food residue after eating, making dental health more difficult to maintain. As a result, periodontitis and gingivitis can easily occur. This damages the gums and causes them to recede. Gum receding is irreversible. Once the gums shrink too much and can no longer support the teeth, the teeth will fall out.

So, here, we must emphasize that in the process of orthodontic, pay attention to oral hygiene, every time after eating to brush your teeth. Use dental floss and an interdental brush to completely remove any food stuck between your teeth. Especially for adult patients, due to poor oral hygiene before orthodontic, gum atrophy and alveolar bone reduction have been caused, which should be paid special attention to. That's why it's important to get orthodontics done as early as possible.


So if you are an adult with good oral hygiene and healthy gums, and you are disciplined enough to keep your mouth clean during the orthodontic process. No matter how old you are, you can be assured of orthodontic treatment.

3, not stick to wear a retainer

Orthodontics is a slow application of force to make the teeth move slowly. For teenagers, the whole process of putting on braces lasts about a year, and for adults, it can last two years or more. But when you take off your braces, it's not all over. Because the tooth has been in its original position for decades, it has a tendency to return to its original position after only two years of force, even though it has reached its new position. Therefore, after removing braces, you must wear a retainer.


In the first half of the year, the retainer is generally worn all day, and then it may become only worn at night. Moreover, there is now a retainer mounted on the tongue side, which can be fixed all the time without removal, and has no obvious impact on the appearance and various oral activities. Therefore, it is recommended that we must adhere to the requirements of the doctor, wear the retainer

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