What are the types and characteristics of commonly used repair materials?


In recent years, the rapid development of stomatology, especially the rapid clinical application of various new materials, has greatly promoted the development of stomatology. How to choose and use various prosthetics is the guarantee of the success of oral repair.

Whether it is the application of titanium materials and titanium denture, or the application of polymethyl methacrylate to composite resin, and from the application of ceramic materials to the application of pouring ceramic materials, cutting ceramics, the development of oral application materials has played an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of oral repair. The development of nano-ceramics, especially the application of nano-materials in oral repair, will greatly improve the biocompatibility, strength, toughness, weight and corrosion resistance of materials, and is expected to become an ideal oral repair material. The biological properties of oxide film on the surface of metal materials can enhance the biocompatibility of materials and obtain more biological repair materials, which makes bionic repair possible.

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