The process of setting a full denture


The first time, the doctor carefully examined the mouth after the dental impression (initial impression).

The second time, according to the model taken out of the initial mold to make individual tray rebite impression (fine mold), the impression must be clear, complete, appropriate length, accurate lacing position, and have strong adsorption force.

The third time, the patient should determine the correct maxillary position relationship and choose the appropriate artificial teeth. Because of "edentulous jaw" disease, all the inner teeth are missing, so that the mandible is in a free state.

Therefore, under the guidance of the physician, the patient must be helped to recover the original position of the upper and lower jaw bones using a self-curing plastic base or a wax levea as a substitute.

On this basis, artificial teeth with appropriate color, size and shape were selected, and the anterior teeth were arranged in the patients, so as to make the patients highly satisfied with the middle line of teeth, fullness of lips and face as far as possible.

The fourth time, the doctor is to try the full denture, at this time the denture is only embryonic, but also wax type, wax will be used to arrange the front and back teeth on the base. The base reached the requirements of size, shape and thickness, and was placed in the patient's mouth again to review the height of 1/3 below the surface, the occlusal relationship between the upper and lower teeth, the fullness of the surface shape and the position of the teeth.

If there is no abnormal condition, it can be sent to the technician room, after packing, filling, boiling, polishing and other procedures to finish. The patients with short duration of true tooth loss, full alveolar ridge and moderate thickness of surface covering mucosa can be considered.

Any patient who has had a full denture will be impressed by the number of visits. Indeed, complete denture restoration is relatively complicated, from the first clinical visit to the final completion of the denture, the patient usually needs to visit 4 to 5 times, because most of the work needs to be completed in the patient population.

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