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The adaptive ability of patients who wear full denture for the first time varies greatly. Young and the whole body condition good adaptability, and the ability to chew quickly recovery; On the contrary, the effect is relatively poor. The doctor should explain the possible problems after wearing the complete denture and the importance and significance of insisting on wearing the denture to the patient's health, so that the patient can fully understand and have confidence in the denture.

(1) Overcome difficulties and establish confidence in the use of dentures: foreign body sensation is easy to appear when wearing dentures for the first time, and even bad Dpg~l_, unclear pronunciation, drooling phenomenon in severe cases. Patients need to establish confidence and practice using dentures in the mouth for as long as possible without discomfort.

(2) Feeding method: For those with poor adaptability and poor oral conditions (mainly low alveolar ridge and hypertrophy of tongue), they are required not to eat in a hurry, but to put on the denture after eating to practice occlusion and speech. When there is no discomfort and gradually adapt to the advanced soft food, break it into small pieces and send it to the population to chew slowly, avoid large mouth opening and too earth side bite action, and then general food can be entered.

(3) To correct bad occlusal habits: due to long-term lack of teeth in the mouth, the normal occlusal relationship between the upper and lower teeth is lost; There are also some patients with abnormal occlusal relationship caused by wearing inappropriate full oral tenor, such as habitual premandibular and lateral mastication. After wearing the new denture, the lower teeth do not bite the normal position. The patient is holding his upper and lower teeth while practicing swallowing in a mirror. The observed upper teeth cover the lower teeth, and the surface shape is normal.

(4) Hygiene and maintenance: after meals (preferably after each meal), the patient will remove the denture, scrub it clean with a soft toothbrush, and gargle it before wearing it inside the mouth, so as to keep the oral cavity and denture clean and conducive to the health of oral tissue. After washing the denture before going to bed, you can decide whether to wear the denture in the mouth according to the patient's own requirements. If you do not wear the denture at night, it should be soaked in clear water, do not use boiling water or liquid soak.

(5) Timely return visit: If the patient does not adapt to timely return visit during the denture use, the denture should be worn in the patient 1-2 hours before coming to the hospital. This can clearly reflect the mucosal discomfort zone, which can avoid the damage and loss of denture.

(6) Use time: the longer the denture is used, the better. It is usually replaced once every 5 to 6 years. This is because when a new complete denture is completed, the tissue surface is very close to the oral tissue; But after a period of time, due to the continuous absorption of alveolar bone, the denture and oral tissue become less and less tight, if porcelain teeth, this situation will be more serious. Therefore, complete denture should be re-examined at the hospital from time to time after loading for a period of time, and replaced or repaired with padding according to the doctor's advice.

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